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Outdoor activities in and around Kenai Fjords
Bird Watching
wildlifeeage.jpg -- eagle wildlifepuffin.jpg -- puffin

The Sealife tour boats out of Seward visit many islands in the outer bay area where sea bird rookeries are found. Often there may be more than a dozen different species of sea birds nesting on the same pinnacle. A trip on one of these boats will provide close-up viewing of the nesting and roosting areas where these birds are found with a constant barrage of birds heading to sea or returning with food for their young.

The most popular sea bird in Alaska must be the puffin. Its colorful and clown-like appearance makes it one of the most sought after photos by residents and visitors alike. Hundreds of thousands of other sea birds also migrate to the coastal waters of the Kenai Peninsula to spend their summer in the many rookeries where they raise their young.

Bald Eagles are plentiful in the Seward area just look around. They are often flying around town along the waterfront, harbor area and where the Resurrection River drains into the bay. If you go on one of the Kenai Fjords tour boats, you can spot them in the trees along the rocky mountainsides or flying along the shoreline looking for lunch.

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Song courtesy of Dave Stancliff